Mar 21, 2024
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Product Customization in eCommerce

The 3D customization of products has turned out to be an invaluable life hack for brands.

The analysts proclaim the year of product customization. It pushes brands to catch on to where customer preferences and loyalties lie. It makes successful companies implement personalization elements to gain a competitive advantage. In simple words, personalization is king.

Meanwhile, Amaspace, as a Uni associate company, masterfully configures products for businesses. Comprehensive 3D visuals and flexible customizing logic make Amaspace invaluable.

All that knowledge is compressed in this article. Read it to spring to life the redefining method to entice more customers and boost sales.

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What is Personalization in E-commerce?

In general, personalization provides personal experiences for consumers online. It’s based on the customer's prior purchases, browsing history, location, language, and other background.

For example, personalization recommends products a la “you may also like” and gives notifications. Likewise, ecommerce product customization is the brightest illustration of it.

So, what does it mean to customize your products? Let’s find the answer below.

What is Product Customization?

When customizing a product, you change its accessories, appearance, and functionality to your needs and preferences. Buyers customize the color and style of apparel, sports goods, shoes, jewelry, gadgets, home decor, autos, etc.

Moreover, they choose the features. For instance, screen size, storage capacity, and camera when purchasing smartphones. However, product customization remains mass-production efficient in all cases.

Furthermore, mass customization varies by industry. In the field of food production, it can vary toppings or tastes. In the jewelry business, customers may enjoy special engravings. The options are limitless, giving clients freedom of self-expression.

Since the first introduction of the term by Frank Piller, businesses have become more aware of the benefits the customization brings.

Advantages of Product Customization for E-commerce

According to the Deloitte research, customization in e-commerce leads to extensive competitive advantages in the market. As Uni deals with 3D configurators in many industries, we outline the major benefits, regardless of the scale and niche of the business.

Customer Satisfaction

Product personalization and customization ultimately enhance the overall consumer experience. Customers are more likely to be happy with a tailored to their requirements product than an ordinary mass-produced item.

Furthermore, customers don’t only overview the final product appearance. They receive enlightening tips on the go, turning the choosing process into a clear and comprehensive journey to purchases.

Brand Loyalty

Online stores with customization product features receive more brand loyalty. Buyers who have had a favorable experience with product customization before are more likely to repeat purchases. Therefore, customization engages shoppers emotionally and saves them time.

Boosting Sales

Customers are more inclined to purchase a product that has been personalized to their preferences. 3D product customization gives them a chance to feel the item unique and appropriate. That’s why they are ready to spend extra on personalized items.

Cutting Costs

Among the examples of customization for businesses is saving money by optimizing stock inventories. Instead of accumulating numerous broad items, e-commerce enterprises may develop tailored products on demand. As a result, manufacturers do not overproduce and have smoother supply and demand plans.

Deeper Customer Insights

Product customization enables consumers to vote on the features and variants that are most important to them. It provides greater data-driven insights into what your consumers want and are ready to pay for.

Product Customization Software Examples

We have considered the benefits of product customization for e-commerce, let’s move on to the technical means. Indeed, there are numerous apps for customizing and configuring purchases. We have picked out the most common for you to choose.


Kickflip leverages product personalization to a new level. With its easy-to-use interface and extensive custom possibilities, the platform operates smoothly.

Moreover, Kickflip also provides unmatched live renderings, text features, and brand elements in real-time price adjustments as clients pick alternatives. With Kickflip, you will create a unique appearance for your business.

Configure ID

Configure ID is a product customization software, delivering an excellent shopping experience through 3D product visualization. Its features include text personalization, live coloring, and rendering the pictures you upload.

With product bundles and many languages and currencies, dynamic pricing, Configure ID is a valuable tool for its clients.


Doogma is a third powerful product customization app. It allows consumers to completely tailor their items and improve their purchasing experience. In addition to the previous software benefits, Doogma is an easy-to-use solution with flexible integrations like Facebook and Twitter (X).

Doogma customization product is a fine-tuned machine to boost your sales in general.

Product Customization Trends

Staying ahead of industry trends is critical for gaining competitive advantages and future-proof your brand. Product customization is now hyped — no industry tries to implement customization to all sorts of success. Now, let's look at the customization product examples in different niches for useful insights and tendencies.

Printed Products

It’s not a coincidence that we start the story with printed products. Custom packaging, cards, and boxes are among the most popular customizable items.

They're popular, in particular, in the B2B industry. Businesses make one-of-a-kind gadgets, as well as improve marketing effectiveness. Customized printed product leverage the entire process while granting enhanced results.

Product Labels

The best customization product examples in the food and beverage business are wine and can labels. They are vital for brand recognition. They help businesses stand out and deliver specific messages to the audience. Depending on the positioning, customized labels can project a premium and distinctive image for their goods, or visa versa, flag a mass market product.

Jewelry and Accessories

Simply, customers choose materials and furnishings, not a big deal. However, it’s theprocess, when customers  interact with the product, making it more personal with the 3D product customization. As a result, their shopping ends with purchases much more often.

Custom bracelets, rings, and sunglasses are on the verge of popularity — they make excellent presents for all occasions. Who can resist an engraved necklace or bracelet as a confirmation of never-dying affection?

Custom-Made Furniture

Imagine, if clients can create their piece of furniture, such as a couch, table, or armchair. That’s completely another, more fascinating and engaging story.

In our associate’s latest case for a family furniture makers’ brand, we have integrated the most visually delicious options and structure. It has turned into a high-end solution for a unique brand.

Personalized Gift Options

The gift industry heavily relies on customization. Giving personal items like mugs, pens, phone covers, etc. is becoming more and more popular. That’s why, the customization product has turned into a cornerstone in gift-giving, creating limitless potential for businesses.


The customization of products has turned out to be an invaluable life hack for brands. It boosts sales immediately, reducing costs for customer acquisition and manufacturing. Brands need product customizers just now to future-proof their businesses and gain competitive advantages.

Uni stays ahead of the curve to bring you the latest news and trends in technologies for business. With our newest Amaspace solution, your business will be immune to sales problems for years.

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