Apr 30, 2024
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Website Design Trends That Rock in 2024

Join us to uncover how web design trends are reshaping the landscape of online experiences and businesses.

Being immersed in the dynamic realm of web design, we don’t always recognize the difference between the patterns and the latest trends. The first ones are obvious, predictable, and, in some cases, boring. The latter, on the contrary, strike the viewers’ hearts and minds like spikes, leaving a long-lasting imprint.

As a leading digital creative agency, Uni opts for trends to craft captivating online experiences. We push the boundaries of what is expected from the industry. That’s why we’ve gathered the best website designs 2024, almost in the middle of the year, to deliver to you the hottest trends, not patterns.

Join us to uncover how web design trends are reshaping the landscape of online experiences and businesses. Allons-y!

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What is Website Design?

Foremost, let’s define the website design as a notion. In simple words, website design is the creation of websites, web pages, and web interfaces to reflect a company's brand and present products. Websites could be as different as books: portfolios, landing pages, marketplaces, and web services. etc, so the creative approaches are numerous as well.

Hence, creating a good website is not a piece of cake. For visually appealing, user-friendly, and successful websites, designers combine user experience (UX), graphic design, and user interface (UI) disciplines. They craft various components, such as color palettes, fonts, images, and motion.

All in all, designers strive to produce a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design that aligns with the client’s needs and goals perfectly. Moreover, a good website reaches the audiences and captivates their interest for a long. For this purpose, among other tools, web design trends are applied.

What are the current trends in website design? Let’s make it crystal clear.

Top Hottest 5 Design Trends

Upon examining the top website designs of 2024, we’ve noticed that several trends are smashing the digital landscape like a ripe apple. They’re common almost everywhere as if the trending design is that annoying chant buzzing in your head all day long. That’s why we bring here are some of the most notable contemporary website design trends, however, which don’t drive crazy web designers and users with the monotony.

AI Created Design

AI tools not only have changed the way we work, but also they’ve accelerated and enlarged our workload. We use AI tools to assist with ideation, content, wireframes, image and video creation. Despite the need to polish and tune them manually, the material appears in a blink of an eye.

Furthermore, with AI like Synesthesia, you can make personalized voiceovers and video avatars. Or create 3D graphics with text-to-image generators such as Midjourney and Dall-E. Or build a website from scratch, applying the AI-powered features of the early discussed Framer app.

In reality, the list of useful apps is as vast as procrastination long before a deadline. So, choose the one that piques your interest and go on for advancements in website trends.

Kinetic Typography Design

Kinetic typography is possibly one of the most unquestionable and unstoppable new website design trends. It’s fully driven by the increasing demand for dynamic solutions and motion effects. Dynamics transforms plain typography into a visually captivating attraction - it entertains, yet conveys a message.

Moreover, kinetic typography can evolve with immersivity. In particular, it can develop reactions to user’s commands to provide a seamless experience. Nice, heh? A stunning opportunity for narratives, particularly for campaigns and landing sites! That’s why web designers adore and keep experimenting with this trend.

Motion Effects Design

Among the latest website design trends in 2024, the interaction is king and queen of web design. According to Forbes, interactive and persuasive web designs are the only ones that can keep up with the future. So why is interactive no more than a different word for innovative web design? There are some solid reasons:

  • it draws and holds interest.
  • it increases conversion
  • it results in sales and brand awareness surge.

More and more, motion effects and interactive projects conquer web design terrain. For example, micro interactions arise throughout the site to make the user experience more intuitive and meaningful. Or motion effects on trivial design elements amaze customers in massive, immersive worlds.

However, there's a flip side to this trend -visual overload. It can diminish user experience. So web designers, despite the trend’s popularity and effectiveness, use it like spice but not as a foundation for their works. Then, it will work fine to make the user experience more relevant and intuitive.

Oversized Text Design

Need a modern trends website? Why not choose a minimalistic site with immense typography? As soon as this technique enters the 5 biggest trends of the year, all eyes are on the massive letters, delivering messages at first glance. Besides, big uppercase headings are ideal for showcasing services, best-selling products, or contact details, as soon as they are the point of attraction.

Use plain text in sans serif font types, because it skyrockets websites’ aesthetics. The layout remains simple and catchy, while oversized typo aids in the design’s responsiveness.

Loop Scrolling Design

The looping technique is an undeniable star among web design trends now. Nevertheless, it could mess with users’ minds if misused. For example, while loop scrolling does make navigating material easier, the constant loop is unsettling. Just look at the sites like Nobell Foods and Lusion Lab. We bet you wish there were a footer. On the contrary, Lacoste’s done it right - after the narrative, the user gets a full stop with a footer. Such a visual and phychological relief!

Anyway, don’t avoid loop scrolling design. It’s cool. Just use it for a good reason in your projects, and it will surely invest in future-proofing your brand like no other.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, innovation and user-centric design principles are at the heart of 2024 web design trends. Online experiences are becoming more and more innovative with AI-driven customization and dynamic motion effects. Moreover, businesses rely on visuals to stand out in the increasingly competitive digital market. Through creative websites, they attract attention, drive meaningful engagement, and convert.

Keep an eye with Uni on how site design is evolving to benefit your projects. We’re on the brink of the sphere’s trends and creative approaches. Seek advice?

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