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Revolutionary social media platform that breaks down the barriers of traditional social networks. It's an open platform that empowers users to create their own decentralized profile pages, resistant to censorship.
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The challange

In the crowded WEB3 space, Crypto.Page needed to distinguish its unique concept. The task was not merely to build a website, but to create an immersive, interactive experience that encapsulates innovative spirit and stands out from the competition.


Our solution

To meet this challenge, we ventured beyond the conventional website format. We crafted a unique site, abundant with 3D elements and fluid animations, designed to fully immerse users in the interactive environment. Our approach was to create a storytelling digital journey, where users feel a sense of presence within the universe. The objective was to captivate users while effectively communicating the unique value proposition.

ui design

One of the key features of the site is its use of advanced 3D graphics and animations, which are powered by WebGL and Three.js. These technologies enable the creation of immersive and visually engaging environments that bring the platform's social media content to life.


The website's design is not only stylish but also distinctively unique, accentuated with gradients and neon elements, weaving a narrative of the interconnected crypto universe, mirroring the principle of decentralization. It ensures that the project's core concept is easily understood, making the user's journey through the site both engaging and informative.



Before we started, we studied user flow and developed a customer journey map to better understand user behavior and accelerate their journey to the final CTA - “Book a Demo”. This particular work is key on the UX side of the design, it helped us achieve our goal with the Edtch lending site, which is to attract more new customers to the product



The final stage was the development of the website. We used cutting-edge web development technologies, including WebGL, Three.js, React Three Fiber. The site's back-end architecture is built on a MongoDB database, which provides a robust and scalable data storage solution. The use of an AWS stack ensures that the site is highly available, scalable, and secure.

Feedback from our clients
from our clients
Martin M. Tomson
CEO, EcoTech Retail Solutions
"Uni has been instrumental in transforming our e-commerce platform. They didn't just redesign our website, they reimagined it. The customizer they created for our product has been a game-changer, offering our customers a level of personalization we didn't think was possible. Plus, the internal functions they set up have made our operations smoother than ever. We're thrilled with the results and would recommend Uni to any business."
Sarah Chesis
Project Lead, Techno Titans
"Working with Uni was a game-changer for us. They took our WEB3 concept and transformed it into a visually stunning, immersive website that truly sets us apart in the market. Their innovative approach, combined with their deep understanding of our needs, resulted in a user experience that is both intuitive and engaging. We couldn't be happier with the results. Uni has our highest recommendation!"
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