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Standing on the cutting edge of the industry, DigiMate fulfills the dreams of any business, bringing optimization and engagement. From preset 3D models to custom AI-powered Digital Humans, DigiMate delivers solutions that combine X-factor with business efficiency.
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Why Digimate?

Digital Humans are a huge trend, pushing the boundaries of the sphere with tech and visual perfection. Perfectly honed latest technologies like Conversational AI and MetaHumans allow DigiMate to grant their clients with exceptional results.

Challenges & Outcomes

Although DigiMate is a comparatively new service, it’s already scored the highest possible recommendations from its clients. However, despite the success, the branding and the web presence were lagging.


Thus, the first thing we were working on was the robust brand image, reflecting the service’s values and mission. Then, we’ve aligned the product with the message, creating strong visuals on the go.


A Digital Human

A platform where standard Digital Humans are born to fulfill specific business purposes is a game changer. From this time on, companies can compose and set up their digital avatars, shopping assistants, customer care specialists, etc. in a matter of hours.



DigiMate’s branding highlights the positioning of the service through high-tech, creativity, and business approach principles. We’ve used a calm and confident color palette, using laconic forms and layouts. As a result, the brand elements have become a powerful testimony of DigiMate’s creative prowess.


Website Design And

The introduction of a 3D Configurator boosted the shopping process. Now, every customer can find the product they want in several clicks. Size, accessories, finish — everything included at the fingertips.

Feedback from our clients
from our clients
Martin M. Tomson
CEO, EcoTech Retail Solutions
"Uni has been instrumental in transforming our e-commerce platform. They didn't just redesign our website, they reimagined it. The customizer they created for our product has been a game-changer, offering our customers a level of personalization we didn't think was possible. Plus, the internal functions they set up have made our operations smoother than ever. We're thrilled with the results and would recommend Uni to any business."
Sarah Chesis
Project Lead, Techno Titans
"Working with Uni was a game-changer for us. They took our WEB3 concept and transformed it into a visually stunning, immersive website that truly sets us apart in the market. Their innovative approach, combined with their deep understanding of our needs, resulted in a user experience that is both intuitive and engaging. We couldn't be happier with the results. Uni has our highest recommendation!"
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