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Swell Interactive is a digital creative agency that specializes in 3D development, 3D modeling, renderings and animations. The company works in many fields such as Architectural Visualization, HealthCare, Web3.0 and many others.
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The Challenge

When we create an interactive website with a lot of 3D elements, the first thing we think about is how we need to maintain good performance on a large number of user devices. And no one will lie that it's easy! But we've done a tremendous amount of work to make it feasible.

One of the big challenges was also to come up with a design that was unique and had to contain the agency's story and spirit.

Also, during the requirements gathering stage, we decided that we needed to design the site in such a way that it was positioned for advanced SEO optimization

Our Solution

When we began the prototyping phase, we had a conversation with the client and learned that the company should be associated with the client's hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Thanks to this, we immediately decided to implement a nautical concept that is very close to the company's history. On the site you will see animated 3D transitions between screens and a style of immersion in the water.

Also, while planning the technical architecture of the project, we decided that one of the challenges for us would be to develop the site using Next.js so that we could implement the required SEO optimization. In addition, we did a lot of work to optimize the application as much as possible in terms of performance


One of the key features of the site is its use of advanced 3D graphics and animations, which are powered by WebGL and Three.js. These technologies enable the creation of immersive and visually engaging environments that bring the platform's social media content to life.



At Uni, we are concerned about making sure that the outcome of our project is outstanding from the client's competitors. This is really important for us, which we have shown in our work, namely:

1. on the site you will be able to see a unique 3D animation of transitions between pages, which shows immersion in water

2. our carousel element - an evocative and incredibly engaging solution to showcase the client's projects

3. a water manifestation effect that follows the user's cursor on the About Us page, symbolizing the depth of the ocean


Research & Prototyping

Before we decided on the marine concept, we worked through several prototypes. One of them was in a sandy style, while the other displayed an abstraction. When prototyping, we used the main page of the site, which sets the concept for all the other pages. After working through this, we determined what was most appropriate for our client and their end users and customers


UI Design

We prepared the design of the site inspired by the most successful practices of modern direction. It shows dark colors, saturation with interactive 3D elements and storytelling experience. The marine theme is shown with the help of rendered 3D videos, transitions between screens in the style of immersion, and the about us page displays a dive into the dark and deep side of the ocean. With these metaphors we differentiate ourselves, this is what made a big impression on our client and end users

Feedback from our clients
from our clients
Martin M. Tomson
CEO, EcoTech Retail Solutions
"Uni has been instrumental in transforming our e-commerce platform. They didn't just redesign our website, they reimagined it. The customizer they created for our product has been a game-changer, offering our customers a level of personalization we didn't think was possible. Plus, the internal functions they set up have made our operations smoother than ever. We're thrilled with the results and would recommend Uni to any business."
Sarah Chesis
Project Lead, Techno Titans
"Working with Uni was a game-changer for us. They took our WEB3 concept and transformed it into a visually stunning, immersive website that truly sets us apart in the market. Their innovative approach, combined with their deep understanding of our needs, resulted in a user experience that is both intuitive and engaging. We couldn't be happier with the results. Uni has our highest recommendation!"
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